Open Creative Director ART award winner, top Advertising Agency Mumbai- 10-15 yrs

at in Media and Advertising

Industry : Media and Advertising
Job Description
As a Creative Director ART award winner, top Advertising Agency Mumbai- 10-15 yrs your responsibilities include the following

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Develop concepts for advertising or promotional campaigns

Pitch ideas to clients if working for an agency or present to directors if working in-house

Negotiate with clients to amend ideas in line with their wishes and explain what is and is not possible

Keep clients abreast of progress and answer their questions Storyboard or translate ideas to the creative team of art directors and designers

Lead multiple projects from conception to completion in accordance with deadlines

Evaluate and, if necessary alter, the content of projects before completion

Hire, develop and manage the creative team

Ensure all the organisation’s or client’s visuals are consistent with the overall brand

Steer or write scripts

Oversee photo or TV shoots

Select external suppliers when necessary

Sign off projects before they are presented to the client


Key skills

Creativity skills: First and foremost creative directors must be good at creating concepts for others to work on. They must have a keen awareness of current trends in advertising and graphic design.

Communication and presentation skills: They need excellent communication (written and verbal) and confident presentation skills in order to pitch ideas to clients or directors and also explain their ideas to members of their creative team.

Interpersonal skills: Excellent interpersonal skills are a must. They need a clear creative vision while remaining open to others’ ideas.

Leadership skills: Creative directors need leadership skills in order to hire, develop and oversee their creative team.

Graphic design skills: Extensive knowledge of graphic design and relevant software is vital. Familiarity with film-making techniques is very useful. Video editing, copywriting and HTML skills would be an added advantage.



An graduate degree in graphic design, fine arts, visual communication, typography or a related subject is required. A postgraduate degree in these subjects can be an advantage.

Experience: 10 to 15 years

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