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Industry : Heavy Industry
Job Description
As a Job opportunity for Master Data Management {Design}- Pune. Mail at your responsibilities include the following

Job Description :


Material master data care

- Maintain the material master in cooperation with the design department and AVOR (planning) maintain correct data (various windows in SAP)

- Use up old parts for new constructions and later ‘’replace with’’ new parts switch cultivated old parts for ET to clarify

- Pre-coding of the single materials after their instruction from CSS/TKD

· Check of the material master data

- All new opened and changed materials need a monthly check for the consistency

- Check the material data for correctness, spelling and description

· Order- Parts list

- Establish the advance parts list (order specific parts) and assembly unit mechanism, if necessary consult with the design team

- Enter the parts list in SAP after classifying the assembly unit or the module and structures according to plan

- Create material BOM

- Machine specific coding of the materials

· Cost book

- Add actual cost from the delivered compressors to cost book

- Tracking the cost book with the actual cost

- Establishment of the material data-lists that are necessary for the calculation

· General

- Establishment of the material master

- Optimizing and actualization of the material master

- Impart training to new employees joining the department

- Participation at the weekly review meeting

- Updating of SAP documents

- To introduce suggestions to optimize parts list

- Responsible that all employees establish the parts list in similar way

- Personal contribution for continuous improvement

· To work the TE list

- Daily work of the TE List (from ET discontinued parts) that means to transfer the material to add to additional data/ documents to the designated design-team

· Data exchange with BCCO

- Compare or complete the material data from BCCO to BCAG

- Forward according to template of new BCAG data, which are to be manufactured or procured from BCCO


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