Open ASM-Project Sales

at Job opportunity for the position of ASM-Project Sales(Complete Lighting products) -Rajkot. Kindly share your CV on in Ceramics /Sanitary ware

Industry : Ceramics /Sanitary ware
Location : Rajkot
Job Description
As a ASM-Project Sales your responsibilities include the following



·         To train dealers and their sales staff to focus on promotion of concept selling rather than doing product selling

·         To ensure Maximum display at dealers showrooms in the given space

·         To keep updated data of Senior Architect, Designer & Specifier

·         To develop strong relation with Senior Architect / Designer by personal visit, courtesy call or by one to one meeting at frequent intervals

·         To maintain data in company given software of each customer handled by you at the dealers' counter and to follow up till maturity / conversion to sales

·         To handle customers leads generated from dealers / trade customers and follow up till maturity / conversion to sales

·         To introduce & educate the dealers & their sales staff about the new products modification done by the company

·         To educate dealers key decision makers on OC support available to them & to set target for each dealer to send customers to OC

·         To support dealers in achieving targeted results

·         To bring customers to OC

·         To do at least 180 productive meetings per month with external customers




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