Open Digital Strategist for Advertising Agency in Bangalore, Mumbai & Delhi with 4/10 years of exp

at in Media and Advertising

Industry : Media and Advertising
Job Description
As a Digital Strategist for Advertising Agency in Bangalore, Mumbai & Delhi with 4/10 years of exp your responsibilities include the following

This position requires one to be curious about the Human mind & understand how it manifests into beliefs, attitude & behavior in a Digital World in order to help clients gain insights about the digital consumer.

- Wants to know why people do what people do.

- You are curious about why a certain society follows specifics beliefs & how certain culture effects a community’s behavior.

- Wants to analyze how a Youtube video got millions of views or why a segment of audience use Snapchat more or which is the most used filter or hashtag on Instagram.

- Wants to filter & use all these understanding to figure how you can understand the consumer better & create a comprehensive strategy & plan for the client.

Desired Skills & Experience

- Identifying consumer insights by analyzing Data, market reports and consumer trends & create presentation/docs for briefing the creative & technology team

- Partner with the creative & technology team to craft the big ideas & then subsequently lay down the strategic framework to be presented to clients

- Design primary research to bring perspectives of the consumer & also undertake

secondary research to unearth consumer trends & insights & provide strategic implications & creative inspiration


- Well versed with the different levels of target audience (Demographic,Psychographic, etc.) & segmentation methods


- Ability to analyze Digital metrics, KPI’s & create campaign effectiveness & insightful monthly reports for clients.

- Basic understanding of brand & branding elements is a must.

- Understanding of Digital Media & its working principles is a big plus.

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