Open Healthcare Art Director for a leading Advertising Agency in Mumbai with 7+ years of exp. Please contact on

at in Media and Advertising

Industry : Media and Advertising
Job Description
As a Healthcare Art Director for a leading Advertising Agency in Mumbai with 7+ years of exp. Please contact on your responsibilities include the following

Possesses an in-depth understanding of the assigned account, OTC product category, and relevant physician specialties, etc.                                                                                                                         

Work with account and creative senior management to develop overall marketing strategies

 Knowledge of product, market & position ensures sound strategic planning, timely & accurate implementation, good service, financial control and a solid client relationship

Partners with clients to understand brand, messaging, & creative vision

 Consistently surpasses client expectations

 Possesses the ability to take abstract concepts and empower project teams to create cutting-edge concepts or designs that are user-friendly, representative of the clients goals, and within brand guidelines

 Participates in development of Brand personality, positioning, and creative briefs



Manages and carries out photo shoots, video and film production, with assistance from reports

Organizes thoughts effectively communicates them well

Places emphasis on quality control and adherence to deadlines

Ensures the account team member thoroughly understand creative concepts so that they are committed to selling them to the client

Coordinates and works with account management and copywriter I identifying and obtaining information needed to carry out assignments

Mentors all reports and arranges periodic reviews to ensure personal goals are being met

Business Management

Ensures that all materials required for production are available and meet correct specifications

Helps set priorities and manages workloads so that assignments are completed within agreed upon time frames

Corroborates with production, ensuring quality work that is completed as designed, on time, without error and on budget 

Maintains current knowledge of production personnel, freelance art directors, photographers, illustrators, directors, and talent; recommends those that are best suited to achieving the desired results

Develops and participates in compelling and captivating presentations

Makes sound, timely decisions about final changes to work in progress

* Perform other related duties as required and assigned by supervisor





* 7+ healthcare advertising experience

* Bachelors Degree in marketing, advertising, communications or related field preferred



* Effective oral and written communications skills

* Client rapport and trust

* Computer proficiency; solid knowledge of design programs 

* Managerial skills

* Ability to work well within a team setting

* Exhibits decisive problem solving abilities

Please contact on